Bakers Dozen


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Download Includes:

Cthulhu Presets (2)
-100 Total Chord Progressions
-1800 Total Individual Chords
-Easy Install Directions

MIDI Packs (2)
-829 MIDI Loops
-Includes Chords, Melodies, Drums + Percs
-Sort By Key or Instrument

Construction Kits (4)
-20 Total Beat Constructions
-20 Mix & Mastered Demo Beats
-Includes MIDI, WAV & Samples

Drum & Perc Packs (2)
-20 Total Drum Racks
-Over 200 Drum & Perc Samples
-Includes Samples, MIDI & WAV Loops

Total Files: 4,097
Total Size: 4GB


“Baker’s Dozen Bundle” is the Lofi Experience you’ve been waiting for with over 4,000 total files & nearly 10GB worth of content. You will find everything Lofi in one perfect pack!

Let’s break it down for you…

Part 1 – Cthulhu Chord Presets (2 Packs)

Here you will find 100 Lofi Cthulhu Chord Progression Presets! Inspired by the likes of Knowlxdge, Eevee, Chilled Cow, Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert, Tomppa Beats, Big Jon & more so you know the progressions & chords are flawless!

Each progession is broken down into 6 individual chords. These 6 chords are then followed by different inversions of itself. Once it’s all said and done, you end up with nearly 2000 indivdual chords & nearly endless chord progression possibilities!

Part 2 – MIDI Packs (2 Packs)

Why MIDI? MIDI gives the Artist or Producer complete control over the loop allowing you to change notes, remove notes, re-arrange a chord progession, etc all while maintaining a more human-like element!

This is why we have included over 800 MIDI Loops. Choose from an array of MIDI Chords, Melodies or Drum Patterns. Simply Drag-And-Drop MIDI clips into your DAW, choose an instrument & VOILA – baked to perfection!

Part 3 – Construction Kits (4 Kits)

20 Full Construction Kits perfect for your Lofi Inspirational Needs! These kits are loaded with MIDI, WAV & one Shot Samples to keep your productions baking!

These construction kits include full beat stems with Chords, Melodies, Drums + Percs & Bass. Since it includes MIDI & WAV, you have full control over each sample & sound! Use these tools for your own productions or just to disect and learn how they were put together.

Part 4 – Drums & Percs (2 Packs)

Drums & Percussion are the backbone of any song and production. Within this you will find 20 full drum racks including kicks, snares, claps, hats, percs, fx & 808s! With over 200 drum & perc samples, these Drum Racks will keep your productions sounding contemporary & fresh!

Sit back, relax & let’s bake!

Fruit Salad MIDI


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Download Includes:
200 MIDI Loops
200 Corresponding WAV Loops

4 Free Bonus Items:
5 Construction Kits
Drum Pack
Bass Pack
$25 Gift Card

571MB Download Size


The Summer Vibe You’ve Been Waiting For!

How is your MIDI Collection stacking up? It can always improve & I have the perfect MIDI Bundle for the job! The FRUIT SALAD MIDI COLLECTION is hardly your average MIDI Collection. I’ve jammed over 400 MIDI + WAV Files including Smooth Island Plucks, Fun Synths, Warm brass Sections & more! I wanted you to be able create realistic instruments in a minimal amount of time.

The result?


By hyper-focusing on 1 emotion and 1 instrument, I’m able to capture the real and raw feel of Horns, Strings, Pianos & more! This Real & Raw feeling then transfers to your music whenever you use one of my MIDI Loops. This does not mean these loops will only work for one instrument. I’ve found if you Mix & Match your MIDI to different instruments, the possibilities for creativeness never end!

How does it work? It’s Easy:
-Select an instrument in your DAW
-Drag & Drop any MIDI Loop on your instrument track
-watch the speakers and house burn down around you from the FIRE you just created…

That was a bit exaggerated, but you get the point!

Grab the FRUIT SALAD MIDI COLLECTION today and you’ll Save Major Money & Gain Major Production Value!

Lofi Jamz


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Pack Includes:
404 Instrument Loops (Guitars, Flutes, Pianos, Percussion, Pads, Textures, Brass + more)
8 Full Construction Kits
50 Analog Synth Instrument One-Shot Samples
25 Analog Synth Bass One-Shot Samples
Bonus Flute Samples + Loops
Total Files = 889
Total Size = 2.91GB


Keep Summertime rolling with the perfect Lofi Instrument Pack! Lofi Jamz Complete Sample Kit offers a variety of instruments to loop or sample including Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Ukelele, Flutes, Horns/Brass, Grand Piano, Rhodes Piano & more!

This mix of smooth Live Instruments & warm Analog Synths creates the perfect lofi pack. We’ve also included 20 Lofi Textures (tapes, vinyl, nature, cityscapes, etc) so you can create the perfect lofi sound. Inspired by the likes of Knowlxdge, Eevee, Chilled Cow, Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert, Tomppa Beats, Big Jon & more so you know the sounds are a vibe!

Advance your Lofi Productions with the Lofi Jamz Complete Sample Pack & keep the vibe going!