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Elite Audio

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Yearly Membership

Ascend to the pinnacle of sonic excellence with our Elite Audio membership, where your toolkit gains continuous updates and access to ALL future plugin & product additions. Not only do you gain access to all 20+ Plugins, you’ll be enriched with an expansive library of 40+ MIDI packs, construction kits, sound packs, drum packs, and more. This top-tier membership goes beyond, offering exclusive access to Members Only content, elevating your creative space to new heights. Unleash your full potential with an extensive toolkit that covers every aspect of music production.

Included Plugins

Innovation And Rhythm Converge

Time Is The Canvas, Audio Is The Masterpiece

Navigate The Matrix With A World Of Sounds

Generate Emotional Pulses & Dimensional Waves

Add Dimension, Create Depth, & Evoke Emotion

The Shadowy Realms Of Tortured Orchestras

You're The Conductor Now

Unleash A Cataclysmic Bass Force

The Conduit Which Ethereal Melodies Resonate

The Rich Tapestry Of An Ethnic World

The Mystique Of Native American Culture

Acoustic Guitars That Conjure Haunting Beauties

Electric Guitars That Transport You To The Edge

Explore A Vast Spectrum Of Otherworldly Sounds

A New Frontier For The Timeless Allure Of Analog

Infectious Sounds Of The Boom Box Era

Become The Architect Of Your Sound

Embrace The Harmonious Blend Of Sonic Worlds

The Timeless Essence Of The Baby Grand Piano

The Vibrant Essence Of Middle Eastern Banjos

Where Shadows Dance & Ethereal Voices Echo

Included Sound Packs




Operating System

Windows 10+
Mac Mojave 10.14+

System Requirements


Format Type

VST3 | AU | MIDI | WAV | Serum Presets | Cthulhu Presets | NNAudio Expansions

Download Size

Varies By Plugin

Delivery Format

Sample Archive.zip

DAW Compatibility

Plugins work with all DAWs except Pro-Tools | Presets require the given Plugin | MIDI & WAV compatible everywhere