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Summer Kickoff MIDI Bundle

 Immerse Yourself In A Sun-Soaked Soundscape

Unleash Your Creativity

An exhilarating collection of 800 sizzling MIDI loops tailored exclusively for the summer season and beyond! These meticulously crafted melodies transport you to an oasis of musical inspiration. Designed with the modern music producer in mind, MIDI offers unrivaled versatility, allowing you to effortlessly manipulate and customize the sounds to suit your creative vision. Dive into an ocean of captivating chord progressions, infectious basslines, and irresistible grooves that will infuse your tracks with an undeniable summer vibe. With the power of MIDI at your fingertips, you have the freedom to effortlessly tweak melodies, transpose harmonies, and experiment with various sounds to curate your own unique sonic palette. Embrace the heat of the season with this remarkable MIDI Bundle, your one-way ticket to crafting chart-topping summer anthems!

800+ MIDI Loops

800+ Corresponding WAV Loops

Works With All DAWs

Created For Modern Producers

Audio Previews

Hear This Bundle In Action!

Check out these audio previews to get a feel for this Powerful MIDI Bundle. All sounds you hear are created using only the included MIDI or WAV Files.

Key Features

Over 800 Exclusive Custom MIDI + Corresponding WAV Loops

Compatible with virtually every Operating System and DAW

Created for Modern Producers with Easy Customizing & Inspiration.

Save over 80% with this MIDI Bundle

Original Price: $99.80

On Sale Now: $19.95

Compatibility Features



Compatible with ALL Operating Systems & DAWs