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Traverse The Sonic Wasteland & Create An Audible Dystopia

Unleash A Cataclysmic Bass Force

Shake The Very Foundation Of Your Compositions

SubFlux Bass Module Main gui screenshot

Ignite Your Bass Productions With An Apocalyptic Twist

Create intense and gritty compositions that embody the chaos and energy of an impending cataclysm. Craft thunderous basslines that rumble and roar, evoking a sonic landscape teetering on the brink of devastation. Unleash a fusion of growling bass, distorted textures, and pulsating sub frequencies, as you explore the dystopian depths of sound design and shape a sonic world on the edge of collapse. Brace yourself for an audible journey that pushes the boundaries of bass-driven music.

Drag-&-Drop Your Own Samples

Built In FX Suite

Over 100 Factory Presets

Over 100 Included Samples

Audio Previews

Check Out The Magician At Work

Check out these audio previews to get a feel for this Powerful Bass Engine. All sounds you hear are created using the included sounds + Built-In FX Suite.

Watch Videos

Walkthrough + Presets Demo

Key Features

SubFlux Bass Module Main gui screenshot

Dual Samplers with Drag-&-Drop capabilities allow you to Blend, Loop & Edit your own samples.

Full FX Suite including Shaper, Saturator, Chorus & Equalizer.

Over 100 Included Bass Samples from Analog & Digital Sources.

Compatibility Features



Operating System

Windows 10+ | Mac Mojave 10.14+

System Requirements

8GB RAM | 500MB Disk Space

Format Type


Download Size

Installer: 66MB | Samples: 73.6MB

Delivery Format

Sample Archive.zip

DAW Compatibility

Compatible with all DAWs except Pro-Tools


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