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Dual Bass Module

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Create intense and gritty compositions that embody the chaos and energy of an impending cataclysm. Craft thunderous basslines that rumble and roar, evoking a sonic landscape teetering on the brink of devastation. Unleash a fusion of growling bass, distorted textures, and pulsating sub frequencies, as you explore the dystopian depths of sound design and shape a sonic world on the edge of collapse. Brace yourself for an audible journey that pushes the boundaries of bass-driven music.

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Traverse The Sonic Wasteland & Create An Audible Dystopia

Subflux is a powerful bass plugin designed to elevate your low-end frequencies with precision and versatility. Boasting two sampler engines equipped with intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities, Subflux offers a seamless experience for composers and producers. Unleash your creativity by layering two distinct bass sounds or blending a kick with a bass, providing a wide spectrum of sonic possibilities. Each engine is individually editable, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your bass to achieve the perfect tone for your compositions.

Subflux doesn’t just stop at sampling – it takes your bass to new heights with a comprehensive FX suite. Add punch, character, and depth to your bass sounds using the full range of effects available within Subflux. Elevate your productions with Subflux, a bass plugin that empowers you to shape the foundation of your music with precision and creativity.

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2 Bass Samplers

Dive into the depth of your bass compositions with Subflux’s dual sampler engines, providing the flexibility to layer distinct bass sounds or seamlessly combine a kick and bass. Each sampler engine is individually editable, allowing for precise adjustments to shape your low-end frequencies. The intuitive drag-and-drop feature empowers you to incorporate your own audio samples effortlessly, unlocking a realm of creative possibilities within your bass production.

Built-In Effect Modules

Shape and refine your bass elements with Subflux’s built-in FX modules, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for sonic enhancement. From the dynamic shaper to the full dynamics module, chorus, EQ, and glide, Subflux provides a range of effects to add character, definition, and movement to your bass sounds. Whether you’re seeking a smooth gliding effect or a punchy, dynamic presence, Subflux’s FX modules provide the essential elements to sculpt your bass with precision.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Navigate your bass production journey seamlessly with Subflux’s easy-to-use interface, featuring an intuitive design that puts creative control at your fingertips. The user-friendly layout ensures a straightforward and efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on crafting impactful basslines without the complexity. Subflux becomes a go-to tool for bass enthusiasts, offering both power and simplicity in a single, accessible interface.


SubFlux Bass Module Main gui screenshot




Operating System

Windows 10+
Mac Mojave 10.14+

System Requirements

4GB RAM | 500MB Disk Space

Format Type


Download Size

Installer: 66MB | Samples: 73.6MB

Delivery Format

Samples: ZIP

DAW Compatibility

Works with all DAWs except Pro-Tools


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05/24/2023 | Version 1.1.1

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