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Dark Acoustic Guitars

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Journey through the depths of a dark underworld, where the soulful resonance of live recorded acoustic guitars becomes your guide. Seamlessly blend the warmth and authenticity of acoustic performances. With meticulously captured samples, you’ll experience a diverse range of tones, from delicate fingerpicking to haunting experimental, all evoking an eerie and melancholic atmosphere. Explore the depths of acoustic soundscapes and bring your compositions to light with evocative and ethereal character.

Conjure A Sense Of Haunting Beauty & Evoke Emotions

Embark on a journey into the haunting depths of sound with Numb, an extraordinary dark acoustic guitar plugin that unveils a diverse sonic palette. Featuring 14 meticulously multi-sampled guitars, Numb transcends traditional acoustic tones, offering an array of dark and mysterious textures. The magic lies within its four guitar engines, allowing users to seamlessly blend and individually edit the chosen guitar sounds. This innovative approach enables musicians to craft nuanced compositions as they explore the intricate sonic landscape of Numb’s dark acoustic realm.

Numb’s sonic prowess extends beyond its multi-sampled guitars with a comprehensive suite of built-in FX modules. These effects, coupled with artifact parameters, inject advanced soundscapes and creativity into the dark acoustic realm. The easy-to-use interface, consolidated onto a single screen along with the preset browser, ensures seamless navigation, allowing users to effortlessly explore the enigmatic depths of Numb and bring their dark acoustic visions to life.

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14 Multi-Sampled Guitars

Numb boasts a rich collection of 14 multi-sampled acoustic guitars, capturing the essence of classic western, Spanish guitars, and various guitar variations from around the world. It also includes a sampled version of guitar fret noises for a more realistic play and sound. This diverse array of guitar tones ensures that users can explore a broad spectrum of acoustic textures, from traditional to exotic, infusing their compositions with a unique and global sonic character.

4 Guitar Engines

Dive into sonic exploration with Numb’s innovative 4 blended guitar engines, offering a dynamic approach to acoustic sound design. Users have the flexibility to individually edit each chosen guitar sound, adjusting parameters such as attack, release, highpass, lowpass, gain, and pan. The ability to blend up to four guitars in a single instance opens the door to crafting a distinctive dark acoustic sound, enabling users to experiment with layering and texture for unparalleled sonic richness.

Built-In Effects Suite

Elevate your dark acoustic compositions with Numb’s built-in FX suite and artifact parameters, delivering a comprehensive toolkit for sonic enhancement. The FX suite encompasses essential effects such as reverb, delay, stereo width, LFO, artifacts, EQ, and filters. These features provide users with creative control over every sonic nuance, allowing for the sculpting of atmospheric reverbs, haunting delays, and experimental textures to bring depth and character to their dark acoustic creations.

Intuitive Interface Layout

Numb’s user-friendly design is characterized by an easy-to-use and intuitive plugin layout that consolidates all controls into a single window. This streamlined interface ensures that everything, from sound editing to effects manipulation, is easily accessible at a glance. The inclusion of a preset browser within the same window further enhances the seamless and efficient navigation of Numb, empowering users to effortlessly shape their dark acoustic sonic landscapes with precision and creativity.





Operating System

Windows 10+
Mac Mojave 10.14+

System Requirements

4GB RAM | 1GB Disk Space

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Download Size

Installer: 311MB

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DAW Compatibility

Works with all DAWs except Pro-Tools


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  1. A

    nice sounds

  2. AW

    I bought Blaque a month ago and was waiting for Numb to go on sale. Soon as I saw it i bought it. Did not know I had a coupon and could’ve save more but great guitar. Love the layering aspect and fret noise.

  3. GT

    Not the best, but it’s okay

  4. BC


  5. CE

    IMO, Numb is better sounding in some ways than Strum for Lo-Fi guitar.


05/16/2023 | Version 1.1.1

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