Curves EQ – Dynamic EQ


Multi-EQ Tool

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Navigate a digital landscape, effortlessly sculpting up to 16 bands and frequencies in perfect harmony. Shape your sound with surgical precision, enhancing clarity, depth, and richness across the audio spectrum. Embrace the sleek interface that allows you to shape frequencies with the finesse of a digital virtuoso. Create a sonic masterpiece, resonating with a clarity that transcends the boundaries of time and space resulting in a sonic tapestry that defies conventional boundaries.

Dive Deep Into The Matrix Of Frequencies

Dive into precision audio sculpting with this innovative Multi EQ tool that revolutionizes your sound design experience. With four EQs seamlessly integrated into a single plugin, Curves offers unparalleled flexibility in shaping your sonic landscape. Each EQ boasts four distinct bands, allowing you to fine-tune frequencies with surgical precision. Navigating through these EQs is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive EQ buttons that enable quick jumps between them. What sets Curves apart is the visual feast it provides on the frequency grid – each EQ is color-coded, allowing you to easily discern and adjust settings, making your EQ adjustments not just auditory but a visually immersive experience.

Curves is more than a mere EQ tool; it’s a dynamic visual canvas for your sound engineering journey. Witness the harmony of colors on the frequency grid, each hue representing a unique EQ, as you craft a symphony of frequencies with unparalleled ease. Whether you’re enhancing clarity, sculpting tonal balance, or diving into creative frequency manipulation, Curves empowers you to shape your sound with both precision and artistic flair.

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3 Powerful Delays

Immerse yourself in the boundless possibilities of Digital Echoes as it seamlessly merges three independent delays into one powerful plugin. Each delay operates as a distinct entity with individual parameters, providing unparalleled control over your temporal landscape. With tempo-synced precision, edit feedback, mix, time, highpass and lowpass for each delay, crafting echoes that resonate in perfect harmony with your compositions. This dynamic fusion of delays empowers you to sculpt time and space with precision, ensuring your sound is not just heard but experienced.

Additional Multi-Effects

Unlock a new dimension of sonic exploration with Digital Echoes’ array of effects, including reverb, stereo dimension, and slap delay, each offering substantial dimensional value. Immerse your sound in lush ambiances, widen your stereo field, and add dynamic spatial effects that elevate your mix to over a 200% dimensional emulation. Whether you seek ethereal atmospheres or immersive soundscapes, Digital Echoes’ diverse effects contribute to a richer, multidimensional sonic experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

See Your Sound & Space

Elevate your sonic journey with Digital Echoes’ visualizers, providing an intuitive and immersive experience as your sound weaves through the plugin. Easily visualize your incoming audio signal, gaining real-time insight into its nuances and evolution within the Delay modules. Witness the reverb and dimensional effects come to life through dedicated visualizers, allowing you to shape your sound with precision. This visual feedback transforms your creative process, offering a holistic view of your sonic landscape and enhancing your ability to craft immersive compositions with clarity and finesse.





Operating System

Windows 10+
Mac Mojave 10.14+

System Requirements

4GB RAM | 500MB Disk Space

Format Type


Download Size

Installer: 45MB

Delivery Format


DAW Compatibility

Works with all DAWs except Pro-Tools


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05/16/2023 | Version 1.1.1

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