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Electric Guitars That Transport You To The Edge

Raw Power, Evocative Nature

Explore The Depths Of Darkness

Generate Electric Guitars That Resonates With Intensity

Immerse yourself in a dark and twisted sonic realm where live recorded electric guitars and amps reign supreme. Meticulously captured and expressive guitar samples transport you to the edge of a sonic abyss, where haunting melodies and menacing riffs come to life. A wide array of tones, from atmospheric cleans to blistering distortion, empower you to carve your own path in this sonic underworld.

30 Multi-Sampled Guitars/Amps

Built In FX Suite

Save Your Custom Presets

Designed For Modern Producers

Audio Previews

Check Out The Magician At Work

Check out these audio previews to get a feel for this Powerful Guitar Engine. All sounds you hear are created using the included sounds + Built-In FX Suite.

Watch Videos

Walkthrough + Presets Demo

Key Features

Blend up to 4 of the 30 HQ Multi-Sampled Electric Guitars from Live Recorded Amps.

Full FX Suite including Stereo Dimension with up too 200% Width Emulation.

Save Custom Presets & never lose your Signature Guitar sound again.

Compatibility Features



Operating System

Windows 10+ | Mac Mojave 10.14+

System Requirements

8GB RAM | 1GB Disk Space

Format Type


Download Size

Installer: 688MB

Delivery Format


DAW Compatibility

Works with all DAWs except Pro-Tools


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